All photography provided by Lana Chapman

Music has always been embedded in my heart, now it's embedded in my skin.  


it all started when...

I was itching to get my next tattoo.  My first tattoo was spontaneous and I designed it right in the shop in about 20 seconds before it was slapped on my back.  The second was with my mom.  She has gone her whole life without getting any tattoos and finally requested that if she did get one, we would do it together.  I thought sparrows would be great shoulder matching tattoo's but the artist in Austin, where we got it done, said NO!  He claimed anyone can do that and asked for my story and why my mother and me were doing this.  So he said to come up with something meaningful.  As a teenager, I lived for a period of time by a farm with ton's of peacocks and would ride my bike there, pick up the feathers, and my mom would display them in the living room.  With that memory, our matching peacock feathers were the winners of permanent appreciation for our relationship.

Year's passed and I moved back to Los Angeles and was really itching to get my next tattoo, but I wanted to keep the spontaneous feeling AND a meaningful sentiment that would go behind tattoo #3.  As I looked around my apartment, the most predominant materials I have are the 700+ records I love and continue to collect.  Music plays such an important part of my life and I wanted to design something that showed it.  I thought of a heart beat and played around with record designs and came up with, what I now call, "Record Sunsets".  It means the world to me and frankly looks bad ass!  I can only hope those who share my love for vinyl and music feel the same way.  My mission is to design and sell products that are trending forward.